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Points forts de ce circuit Villes romaines d'Algérie. Alger et sa Casbah . Visitez le site antique de Tipaza Explorez le mausolée royal de Maurétanie. La ville de Constantine et ses ponts suspendus. Tiddis, ancienne ville de Numidie. Sétif, Le site archéologique de Djemila et son musée . Batna,Le site archéologique de Timgad et son musée Cette visite fascinera les amateurs d'histoire romaine en Algérie. Ce voyage archéologique en Algérie, vous fera découvrir les différentes villes romaines. Comme Cerchell, ancienne capitale du royaume de Maurétanie. L'ancien port de Tipaza avec ses ruines incroyables, classées par l'Unesco et qui surplombe la Méditerranée. Constantin et ses ponts suspendus, avec la ville romaine de Tiddis, qui est une ville militaire romaine. construit pour protéger l'ancienne Cirta. L'un des sites romains les plus importants d'Algérie, avec Timgad classé à l'Unesco avec ses ruines époustouflantes et son célèbre Arc de Trajan surplombant la Méditerranée. Sans oublier la ville romaine de Djemila, anciennement Cuicul, où se trouvent les ruines romaines les plus conservées d'Afrique du Nord, elles aussi classées à l'Unesco.

2. Cultural tour: Oran and Algiers

Oran and Algiers . Admire the christian cathedral of santa cruz . Discover the Arenas in Oran . Excursion to Tlemcen, capital of Sufism . Admire the Oran train station a remarkable building with a Moorish style . Have a traditional evening in a Palace of the Kasbah in Algiers, classified by Unesco . Appreciate the Notre Dame d'Afrique Cathedral . Visit Tipasa classified by Unesco . Excursion to the Monastery of Tibhirine . Discover Cherchell . Visit the garden "Jardin d'Essai" Through the two most important cities of Algeria, you will discover a country with astonishing cultural dierences.The city of Oran steeped in its Spanish past with its Arenas unique in Africa, its Cathedral of Santa Cruz and its Spanish district Sidi Houari.And the Capital Algiers!!!With its Casbah classied by Unesco, its museums and its architectural diversity.This trip is perfect for a rst discovery of Algeria and its welcoming people! Discovering the incredible Roman ruins of Tipaza. Tlemcen, the Pearl of the Maghreb, is one of Algeria's oldest and most important cities, with its rich culture and history. Sidi Bel Abbès, nicknamed the Little Paris by Napoleon III himself.


Strengths of this circuit gardens of saoura . Timimoun is the capital of the Gourara region, an architectural gem in the Red Oasis. . Béni Abbès, nicknamed the "White Oasis", is the pearl of the Western Erg. . Taghit, the Enchantress, built on a rock between the palm grove and the great sand dunes. . Ghardaia, the Mzab Valley is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with a rich and original architectural heritage. . Golea, the flower of the Oases, Hassi el Gara lake wetland, a real refuge for the magnificent Pink Flamingo. In Oran, Algiers or the Grand Erg Occidental, more than 40,000 years of history dominate the region, where cave paintings, ancient remains and neo-Moorish heritage stand side by side. Contrasting desert and palm groves,you will cross the fabulous oases of Taghit, Béni Abbès and Timimoune, magnificent landscapes sublimated by the sunset, and meet the locals in the markets or guest houses that will welcome you.


Strengths of this circuit the tassili . Live the Tassili N'Ajjer . Walk in the Tassili clif . Explore the massive of Tadrart . Visit the Erg Admer . Visit the Assekrem with the refuge of Priest Charles de Foucault . Explore the massive Atakor. Discover Djanet . Visit the Essedeline oasis. Admire cave paintings . Be surprise with infinite dunes . Impressive sunsets and starry nights This circuit: you will also explore the Sahara, that covers 85% of the Algerian territory. And it is not at all monotonous. You will appreciate a palette of colors in the desert ranging from yellow to almost red. With landscapes between volcanic (Hoggar massif) and lunar (Tassili N’Ajjer), stone plains and (the Regs) and sandy plains (the Ergs) from which sometimes spring superb oasis. This circuit: The Oasis of Tassili, will let you know the south-east of Algeria, the Tassili n’Ajjer that is an immense sandstone plateau which rises to more than 2000 meters above sea level.A labyrinth of canyons and rocky peaks carved by erosion that the writer Roger Frison-Roche described as “stone forests”. in a spectacular setting, concentrated in the beauties of the Sahara